Welcome to Sale’s Hire Somerset West! 

Our dedicated staff is excited to have you with us. With years of expertise in the building and renovating industry, we’re well-prepared to assist you with a wide range of tasks, no matter how small. From small DIY projects to major construction endeavours, we’ve got the tools and equipment you need.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  1. Comprehensive Solutions: Beyond just equipment, we provide all the accessories necessary to successfully complete your job.
  2. Friendly Assistance: Our knowledgeable staff at various branches are ready to answer any queries you might have. They’ll guide you in selecting the right hardware for your needs.
  3. Equipment Hire: Explore our range of products by visiting our “Equipment Hire” section in link above or drop by one of our branches in the Helderberg region.

We eagerly await the opportunity to meet you and assist with your projects!